Heineken Club Bottle presents The Color Series

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Heineken Club Bottle presents The Color Series
Zouk KL
22th March 2014

Last weekend Heineken invites me to the Color Series events at Zouk KL.. celebrate the new “The Heineken Club Bottle”, features the vector-funk style and is influenced by the mesmerizing origami theme….

Following its exciting unveiling during Milan Design Week 2013 and its Malaysian debut at Heineken Thirst, the exclusive and limited edition Heineken Club Bottle continues to redefine the after-dark drinking experience with the Heineken Color.
“The Heineken Club Bottle is one of the latest in a series of global Heineken design initiatives,” comments Jessie Chuah, Heineken Marketing Manager. “In Malaysia, we have a long history of working closely with the creative community on cutting edge art projects. The Heineken Color Series enables us to bring those international and local elements together to create a new experience for our Malaysian consumers.”


Heineken gurlz + Club Bottle !!!!!

Heineken Club Bottle design by Matt W. Moore, i
n normal daylight the aluminium Heineken Club Bottle features a frosted geometric pattern framing a signature green star. After dark, under ultraviolet (UV) light a new story emerges. A new personality of startling fluorescent greens and blues shines through, vividly lighting up the club space to reveal a stunning piece of hand-held art. 

party people !!!!

Goldfish & Blink !!!!

At the Heineken Color Series, Kuala Lumpur will experience the UV magic of the Heineken Club 
Bottle. This exclusive series kicks off with BATE and Hulkas presenting a night of fast moving electronica and EDM at Vertigo on Saturday March 8. The Heineken Club Bottle later moves to KL’s biggest regular night, LOUD featuring Goldfish and Blink at Zouk on March 22. On April 5, the series closes at The Rabbit Hole, an exciting new concept bar and club on Changkat Bukit Bintang with special guest DJs to be announced. The Heineken Color Series will bring together music, fashion and design in an unforgettable Heineken Club Bottle experience.
for more info bout d Club Bottle visit >>

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