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Thank You for checking out the blog of this photographer / graphic designer cum hedonist. Been covering events mostly concert, music festival, entertainment events in Malaysia since 2010.

My friends and followers are invited along for the sometimes bumpy ride as I try to capture the honest ups and downs of my experiences through my passion for photography.

Please send event invitations/ review requests / freelance jobs (graphic design, photography or videography services) to mistahfong@gmail.com

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  • Sur Rusty says:

    Hi Mistah Fong,

    I am from the PR agency representing Carlsberg Malaysia. We are doing a report for our client and need to fill in statistics for blogs whenever possible. Are you able to help me? I only need the unique visitors per month. My email address is Suren.Rastogi@eurorscgsiren.com

    Really appreciate your help! See you at this year's party!

    Best Regards,


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