Tiger Translate 2015 (Part 2 – MUSIC)


As promised, Tiger Translate 2015 pushed the envelope of creativity to bring fans an artistic showcase of talented musicians and artists.

Tiger Translate 2015
13 June 2015
APW, Bangsar

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On the music front, fans immersed themselves in the diverse line-up of indie rock, electro, funk and groove by homegrown and international acts. Local band Love Me Butch appeased their fans with their popular hits, while fellow Malaysian club maestros Twilight Actiongirl got the crowd going with their no-holds-barred set list.

Twilight Actiongirl

Twilight Actiongirl

The atypical evening continued with more eccentricities when Wonfu, a band that is a hodgepodge of rustic indie rock, and 60’s vocal pop, took to the stage. Outfitted with humorous song lyrics distinctive of Taiwanese children’s tales, this diverse and creative band — made up of lead vocalist/lead guitarist Yao Xiao-Min, bassist Twiggy, vocalist/guitarist Mami and drummer Dopy — kept the energy pumping as fans sang along to their every song.

Won Fu 旺福

Mami of Won Fu 旺福

Twiggy of Won Fu 旺福

Xiao Min of Won Fu 旺福

Later, Hong Kong’s My Little Airport took to the stage. Formed by two journalism students, Nicole Au Kin-ying and Ah P, the indie pop duo kept things quirky with their wicked “Chinglish” tunes. They serenaded fans with their whacky titled songs like Victor, Fly Me to Stafford, Tim, Do You Really Want To Make A Film?, Because I Was Too Nervous At The Time and Gigi Leung is Dead.

My Little Airport

Nicole of My Little Airport

And if there was ever a time for one to see music, UK’s DJ Tim Exile and local artists, Lightforge, made that possible with their stunning amalgamation of music and art. Exile, who is a classically trained violinist, is not your conventional musician. The producer, known for developing impromptu tunes with live sounds he gathers, wowed the audience with sounds of Kuala Lumpur he recorded the day before. His spontaneous set was further enhanced by Malaysia’ Lightforge, who live paints with audio-reactive generative graphics. Together, this act unleashed an immersive experience blending tightly synchronised 3D-generated visuals to Exile’s recorded sounds. It was extraordinary.

Tim Exile

Finally, British duo Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, who make up Blood Red Shoes definitely knew how to keep the spectators on their feet throughout their performance. Powerful and explosive, the pair from Brighton, England banged out a rocking set, delivering fan favourites like Cold, An Animal, and Light It Up. Blood Red Shoes most certainly left a lasting impression on the crowd.

Laura-Mary Carter of Blood Red Shoes

Steven Ansell of Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes

A shattered-glass and mirror tiger designed by local artist Louise Low.

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Tiger Beer bathtub…

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