Tiger Translate 2015 (Part 1 – ART)


As promised, Tiger Translate 2015 pushed the envelope of creativity to bring fans an artistic showcase of talented musicians and artists.

Tiger Translate 2015
13 June 2015
APW, Bangsar

A wide array of unconventional art? Check. An amazing line-up of indie musicians? Check. Tiger Translate 2015 most certainly delivered what it promised — a bolder and edgier ensemble of avant-garde collaborations in art and music.

Tiger Translate 2015

Tiger Translate 2015

Doors opened at APW, Bangsar on June 13 to showcase a collection of specially commissioned art like a 2.5m tall tiger head sculpture that ‘greeted’ fans at the main entrance created by Thailand’s Rukkit Kuanhawate, or the funky geometrically designed main bar by Hong Kong’s Parent’s Parents.

Rukkit Kuanhawate @ Tiger Translate 2015

Thailand’s Rukkit Kuanhawate’s Tiger head artwork.

Parent's Parents @ Tiger Translate 2015

Fans raise their drink to the funky bar designed by Hong Kong’s Parent’s Parents.

Malaysia’s Louise Low also presented a glass art installation of a tiger.

Louise Low @ Tiger Translate 2015

Local artist Louise Low with the shattered-glass and mirror tiger she designed for Tiger Translate

While Malaysia-based Andrew T-Crum featured his contemporary canvas artwork. Artistic fans also got to throw paint-filled balloons on a huge acrylic glass made up of 80 20cm x 20cm pieces, which could be detached and taken home as a keepsake.

Andrew T-Crum @ Tiger Translate 2015

Andrew T-Crum @ Tiger Translate 2015

Limited edition Tiger Translate T-shirts, with specially commissioned designs by homeboy Nicholas Choong, were also given out to the first 300 guests.

Nicholas Choong @ Tiger Translate 2015

Tiger Translate 2015 key art designed by local artist Nicholas Choong.

Tiger Translate 2015

About 3,500 art and music lovers gathered at APW, Bangsar for Tiger Translate 2015

Tiger Beer marketing manager Tai See Wai said, “From our well-received debut last year, we realised there are many art and music enthusiasts in KL. We were excited with the return of Tiger Translate, and hoped that the fans would enjoy what we had in-store for them this year.

Tiger Translate 2015

Set up for Tiger Translate – a platform that champions art and music

“Judging by the remarkable response, we believe we’ve succeeded in uncaging new experiences in art and music. Tiger Translate looks to be headed in the right direction as a platform that pushes the envelope of creativity in the field of music and art. We look forward to doing this again.”

 Tiger Translate 2015

Letter-pressed Translate coaster for Tiger Translate guests to take home.

Globally, Tiger Translate has travelled through cities such as Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Mongolia, Cambodia, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Dublin and Auckland, where it all started a few years ago. For more on Tiger Translate and its past events, please visit www.tigertranslate.com.my


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