Tiger White Unexpected Experience 3

Tiger White Unexpected Experience 3 – Sensational Cinematic Experience

A mere five months since it was introduced, Tiger White – Asia’s Wheat Beer, returns with more delightful surprises for fans. The surprises began with an online contest that unlocks some pretty novel experiences.

All winners with Selene Ong, Tiger Beer’s brand manager before the screening of movie

I got the chance to join the winners of the third round on May 28 ! According to them, the prize was a sensational cinematic experiences with a twist.

On the way to TGV One Utama

Definitely not a normal movie screening night. Tiger White representatives sent a personal chauffeur to ferry each of the 5 winners from their homes to One Utama and back.

Greeted by Tiger White brand ambassadors

It was red carpet treatment from the moment we were ushered into TGV’s Indulge lounge.

Guests arrival at TGV One Utama

We began the night with a three course dinner, indulging our taste buds in elegant western fusion delicacies which paired perfectly with the fruity fresh flavours of Tiger White.

Guests before being served with three course meal at the lounge area of TGV Indulge, One Utama

After that, masseuses were brought in to treat all contest winners with shoulder and foot massages before they finally headed into the cinema.

Guests being treated to foot massage & shoulder massage

Not your standard cinema hall, even the final venue surprised winners with spacious seats fitted with reclining backs. Each patron got their own fluffy blanket to keep them warm as they enjoyed a movie served with ice cold Tiger White. It was certainly one of the coolest cinema experiences I’ve had so far.

Guests having ice cold Tiger White in the movie hall

The contest run over the course of seven weeks with five winners for each of the prizes such as an all-you-can-eat fiesta prepared by your very own private chef, a dining in the dark session, a sensational movie night, and a luxurious overnight jungle retreat. Tiger White assures the ‘twist to the prize’ will complete the experience in an unexpected memorable manner’.

For more information on www.tigerwhite.com.my OR
Tiger Beer’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/tigerbeermy


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