The internationally acclaimed Danny Rose studio, which has enthralled over 5 million people worldwide, hits Kuala Lumpur

RXP.KL is elevating the art scene in Malaysia to exponential heights with its new, upcoming showcase featuring the latest creations, “Piying Dream” and “Matter of Painting”, by the world-famous, award-winning Danny Rose Studio, in collaboration with Temple of Light. The Danny Rose Studio has been reverberating around the art world, attracting over 5 million visitors worldwide to date.

The immersive audio and visual experience within RXP.KL’s projection-mapped room responds to visitors’ presence, creating a dynamic dialogue between the art and the observer. Enthusiasts will be able to engage with the exhibits on a personal level, becoming an integral part of the artistic narrative.

“We have set out to design something that has never been built before – a vast installation in a heritage landmark to house the burgeoning demand for experiential attractions,” said Sebastien Jurkowski, Co-founder of Rexperience Kuala Lumpur (RXP.KL). “By creating and curating best-in-class experiences, as well as partnering with immersive artists and makers at the vanguard of this movement, we have curated a space where visitors of all backgrounds are invited on a fascinating, immersive, family-friendly journey into the artistic universe.”

An unprecedented digitally animated showcase of Chinese shadow puppetry – “Piying Dream” – is an immersive experience built upon over 3,000 masterfully crafted shadow puppets from the Qing Dynasty to today, a cherished art form under the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list since 2011. The fantastical world of “Piying Dream” weaves together iconic design motifs and vibrant colours from authentic artefacts sourced from one of the largest collections in the world and promises to deliver wonder and cheer during the Chinese New Year festive season.

Within this imaginative kingdom, iconic characters from classic Chinese literature – including the beloved Sun Wukong (or Monkey King), the wise Zhuge Liang, and the heroic Wu Song – as well as mythical creatures, including dragons to welcome in the lunar new year, traditional pavilions, and flora and fauna shatter the confines of conventional portrayal, emerging in unexpected forms. Complementing the mesmerizing visuals is an original Chinese musical score tailored to enhance the riveting audio-visual experience.

“Matter of Painting”, on the other hand, offers visitors an entirely different experience. Taking inspiration from Action Paintings in 1950s New York City, the showcase transforms the walls of the immersive theatre, RXP.KL, into an all-engrossing canvas where an “invisible digital artist” explores a myriad of colours and textures of painting materials. The work unfolds like a live painting performance that envelops the audience in stunning visuals and a meditative atmosphere where the constantly morphing contemporary art installation performance delivers a sculptural dimension to the canvas and changes perceptions of the volume and depth of the interior’s mass.

“The upcoming showcase is bound to bend minds, inspire creativity, and touch hearts when we open our doors on 9th February 2024. Both of these dazzling creations promise to transport visitors to a realm where technology and art coalesce into an otherworldly experience, stimulating the senses and evoking a profound emotional response, leaving them awe-struck,” added Jurkowski.

The 1-hour exhibition is now open, with early bird tickets available until 4th February, priced at RM50 for adults, RM35 for student cardholders, seniors over 60, OKU, and youths aged from 12 to 18, with early bird tickets for children below the age of 12 priced at RM25. From 5th February onwards, regular tickets are priced at RM60 for adults, RM42 for youths, students, seniors and OKU, with tickets for children priced at RM30.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of an unparalleled artistic journey that transcends the ordinary. The Temple of Light’s “Piying Dream” and “Matter of Painting” promise to be landmark events, setting a new standard for immersive art experiences in Malaysia.

For more information and to purchase tickets, log onto: www.rxpkl.com


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