Astro Radio’s English Stations Contest on April


This April, tune in to Astro Radio’s stations to win exciting prizes up to RM146,000. All you have to do is participate in contests conducted by announcers, daily on MIX fm, hitz fm and Lite FM from Monday to Friday.

Think you know everything from the ‘90s – be it TV shows, songs or famous artists? This April, MIX fm will be rewarding you with shopping vouchers worth up to RM90,000.

Staying true to the station’s DNA ‘The Best Mix of the ‘90s and Now’, MIX fm will be running a contest aptly named The ‘90s in 90 seconds. To participate, all you have to do is be the first caller through when you hear the cue to call and hoose from three categories – ‘90s TV shows, ‘90s songs or ‘90s famous artists. Then, answer as many questions as possible within 90 seconds. Each correct answer will be rewarded with RM50 shopping voucher and if you could answer all 15 questions correctly, MIX fm will double the prize for you to walk away with RM1,500 shopping vouchers to spend.

8 BIT HITZ ON hitz fm
Over to hitz fm, they will be giving away up to RM30,000 worth of prizes in their 8 bit hit contest. Be the first caller through to choose from either 8 bit hit or 8 big bit hit.

If you pick the former, all you have to do is identify the song title and artist correctly to win RM150 worth of shopping voucher. Pick the latter and you would have to guess the song titles and artists of the 8 mashed up songs to win RM5,000 worth of shopping voucher. That’s not all. The hitz cruisers will be visiting a few locations to play an 8 BIT computer games. So hunt them down, beat them at the game to win RM50 in shopping vouchers.

Relax, Shop and Recover, we hope the contest name has caught your attention already. Lite FM is giving away holiday packages and shopping vouchers up to RM26,000, so call in and identify the relaxing sound played on air when you hear the cue to call.

RM3,000 worth of holiday packages to Bali for 2 persons paired with RM2,000 shopping voucher and Caring Pharmacy vouchers worth RM200 awaits five lucky listeners. To make it easier for you to guess, you can listen to clues on the Lite Breakfast announcer Steve and Shaz at 9am or check out the station’s Facebook page.

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