(Photos & Review) Zouk KL x Beatship 2015


ZOUK KL x BEATSHIP presents Paul Van Dyk, Andrew Rayel and Aly & Fila

Trance addict from all across the nation congregated in KL Live for the Zouk KL x Beatship 2015 on Friday 23 Oct. Featuring some of the biggest trance artists on the planet including Andrew Rayel, Aly & Fila & Paul Van Dyk ! not to mention our local talent BATE & Chukiess & Whackboi !

Chukiess & Whackboi

Local favorite, BATE started early as 8.00pm, the crowd hadn’t quite filled the room yet however BATE showcased a great set with full of energy and enthusiasm.  At around 9.00pm as the room started filling up, Chukiess & Whackboi put on a great show, not only trance, they also played some progressive tunes and made the whole crowd went absolutely ballistic. They delivered a gorgeous set including their own hit “Ulek Mayang” which really got the whole crowd moving and grooving.

Dark Warrior in da house !!!

Andrew Rayel

Andrew Rayel came on strong following the epic performance delivered by Chukiess & Whackboi.
Also known as “Trance Mozart”, Andrew started strong, and delivered a quick punch filled with massive remixes and hits from his album ‘Find Your Harmony’ to keep the energy alive and going in that room. Allowed him to work the crowd from every angle, jumping and fist pumping, egging the crowd on to break the dance floor. He ended with very melodic tracks putting an end to the journey he had just taken everyone on.

Fadi of Aly & Fila

The crowd !!

Next up was uplifting trance maestros & Future Sound Of Egypt founder, Aly & Fila !! Fadi took the stage and he demonstrated his uncanny ability to effortlessly take you high above the clouds, but then quickly bringing you back down to earth to stomp your heart out to some of the nastiest baselines you have ever heard. His transitions were flawless, impeccable song choice from psytrance, uplifting trance, tech-trance and everything in between.

Legend is here…


And the final performer, the legendary Paul Van Dyk ! His set was nothing but fun and energy. PVD set flowed in and out of genres as he combined melodic trance pieces with fist-pumping house. Love the way he make great transitions from one song to the next and his live editing and mash-ups skills ! It’s such a beautiful sight to see an artist truly immersed in their music.




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