Acme South Launch


Plating up the best in foreign and domestic fares, inspired by America’s South and Asian flavours

Acme South, an offshoot of the urban Acme Bar & Coffee, unveiled its good old-fashioned Southern kitchen in the heart and glam of Bangsar on 24 Aug !

Acme South

Acme South boasts of the ever-evolving Southern cuisine. Evoking an ambiance of a smokehouse, one is spoilt for choice to either dine alfresco under a garage canopy whilst admiring the allure of Telawi streets, or simply bask in more rustic dive bar feel.

Dining – Garage Canopy with glass windows open

Guests were treated to an array of Southern delectables and premium comfort food, a definition of it is their slow-smoked and falling-off-the-bone barbecues. One of which is the traditional Texan-style brisket, coated and brined with a secret spice rub, then smoked to perfection with real imported Hickory wood chips from the US for a good 12 hours. Another meaty goodness from their barbecue highlights is the four hour smoked chicken.

12 hour smoked Black Angus brisket.

“The concept of Acme South and its flavors resonate American Southern warmth and hospitality. And it is for this reason; our smokers are recreated just as they are in Texas. When we sell out of brisket or ribs for the day, we sell out and there’s no whipping up an instant batch!” said Andrew Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Acme South.

Speech by Andrew Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Acme South.

Other popular Southern fares served were Gumbo and Jambalaya. Gumbo is a Louisiana Creole soup dish with shrimps, crabs and garden vegetables while Jambalaya packs a Cajun punch of turkey ham, beef sausage, chicken breast and rice.

Jambalaya, a Cajun dish of turkey ham, beef sausage, chicken breast and rice

For a taste of Louisiana, the Shrimp Po’Boy offers plump fried shrimp with tomato, lettuce and onions, seasoned with homemade sauces inside a baguette. For the more interesting palates on the other hand, guests feasted on Blackened Chicken Pasta – an herb blackened chicken breast on creamy mushroom penne.

Southern fares are not all that’s on the menu. Alongside hearty meats and comfort soul food, Acme South explores bursting Malaysian flavours that caters to the spicy wants of the locals.

“Use of local spices and ingredients with imported ones create a unique mix that Acme restaurants are famous for. Pairing US potato with sambal briskets, Sloppy Joe burgers with homemade charcoal buns, and onion string fries with Sriracha dipping sauce. It’s our best in foreign and domestic cooking styles coming together to create and recreate fan favourites that is inspired by America’s South with Asian senses” quipped Andrew.

Sloppy Joe, a mouthwatering sloppy beef burger on own-made charcoal bread, pickled cabbage and onion string fries.

Contrary to the popular Sloppy Joe, guests were teased with a Sloppy Dick. As amusing name goes, this is a jumbo chicken sausage dish, served similarly with homemade charcoal buns but with a ratatouille sauce variation.

Sloppy Dick, jumbo chicken sausage on own-made charcoal bun, ratatouille sauce, pickled veggie and onion string fries.

Playing up dried shrimp and spicy sambal, the Sambal Hebi Aglio Olio Spaghetti and Baked Seabass Parcel and Rice both featured this Malaysian must-have spicy tang. Being a hit at their affiliated Acme Bar and Coffee at the Troika, Andrew and his team occasionally incorporate characteristic favourite dishes much like these to cater to their patrons over at Bangsar.

Baked Jacket Potato Chicken Curry, Chicken Curry Northern style with chicken floss topping on US baked jacket potato, served with onion string fries

Baked Jacket Potato Sambal Brisket, pulled smoked Black Angus brisket with sambal topping on US baked jacket potato, served with onion string fries.

Beignet Chicken Rendang, herbed classic beignets with Chicken Rendang gravy

Ending the night with desserts and bottomless ice teas, guests were seen chattering whilst enjoying their platter of Apple Pie. For those who prefer the tall glass, Windy Peaks Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir were swiftly served, whilst some went for free flow beers – each accompanied with hearty laughs and good music.

(L) Raspberry Chocolate Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream & (R) Sizzling Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Garage Canopy..


Reservations for Acme South can be made by calling +6 03 2283 6288 or
Visit their FB page at for more info !



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