Soju Kuala Lumpur presents Reload

Reloaded in style …. Gangnam Style !!!!

The newly refurbished Soju Kuala Lumpur impresses off the bat, with an deceptively sleek but expansive dance floor, new catwalk and several raised platform. Soju seems determined to give audiences a more exciting clubbing experience and this is clearly and immediately apparent in the improved layout of the joint.

Welcome to all new Soju Kuala Lumpur !


The night’s entertainment was kicked off by live performances from lead singer/rapper trio Sammy Dee, Rieyadh & Stephen also known as CAN CAN, the hottest international live band in KL !!!

Sammy Dee ..




Another high-flying trio of performers from Romania, Rola, Yanna & Sandra blew up the stage with their sexy & smooth dance moves!




The night continued as Soju’s resident DJ with a selection of the trendiest electronic music, complete with dancers hype up the place….

Resident DJ Marc …


At midnight, N Generation, your ubiquitous girl group, did their thing on stage..

N Generation


A good 45 minutes after midnight, after the crowd has been truly pumped, here comes the main act from Korean along with an entourage of acceptably attractive dancers takeover the stage, the crowd goes crazy , camera flash everywhere.. snapping photos , recording the moments. The performers started the show with few kpop hits song and ended with the famous /catchy tune / viral video….. “Gangnam Style” !!  Party goers go wild again and together doing the infamous horse dance together.


After the Gangnam show, a hot lap dance performance by Roro , he showed off his sexy moves , jumping and grinding on the stage clearly thrilled some female crowd. After his solo performance, he invited one lucky female from the crowd to join him and gave her a raunchy lap dance on stage !


Another incredible show that night, pole dance by Ana from Montenegro, she showed off some gravity-defying pole dancing as she blew my mind with her stunning performance, showcasing some unique choreography that was moving and artistic.

Dancer Ana from Montenegro


The night continued with exciting audio visual guitar performance complete with pyrotechnics and neon lights.

Romanian artiste Mario of MRD …


The night ended with a bang and an incredible aerial dance performance also by Roro but this time, the dance was not on the floor, as he hoisted himself up a long cloth, attached to the ceiling. He used the cloth in a series of contortions and dance-like movements. What an amazing acrobatics performance by Roro.

Romanian artiste Roro of MRD ..


The night ended with more bangin EDM music by Soju resident DJ !!

Resident DJ Dev …


The talented performers all rocked sexy, unique and conceptual costuming. This sense of surrealism was enhanced by the with new interiors and lurid lighting which lends the club characters and surroundings the air of futuristic hangout, the apt sound track was not the only star of the night. Everyone looked outstanding and performed phenomenally ! the party goers really enjoyed on that night ! A great place to escape the drudgery of daily life and get a taste of the sexy hedonism of the big city, this club is fresh and lively and undoubtedly on it way to becoming again, one of KL most exclusive hotspots.


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