Centurion Challenge 2.0 by Score at The Roof


100 shots of beer in 100 minutes !

The Centurion Challenge is back !! Score at The Roof is once again hosting the Centurion Challenge 2.0, where the beer lovers with big enough guts to take down 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes !

Centurion Challenge 2.0 by Score at The Roof

This is the ultimate test in beer drinking stamina, Warning: not for the weak of stomach. Think you can do it?

The rules were simple. Everyone drinks a shot of beer in 1 minute for 100 times. You can’t go to the washroom, you can’t leave the table, puking or pissing your pants (full T&C below) . The last hardy soul would take home RM1000 and a barrel of beer, whilst automatically qualifying to the Grand Finals of the Centurion Challenge 2.0 where the ultimate winner will walk away with RM10,000 !

SCORE Centurion Rules !

I thought this would be an interesting challenge, so i joined… 🙂

Who’s gonna walk away with RM1000 and a barrel of beer?

Pictures were not enough to express the madness and craziness of this fun-filled challenge.

My first shot !!!!!!

My best attempt, 61 shots! I still can drink but disqualified from the challenge because i’ve breaks one of the rules.. spilled some beer and it was just a few drops of beer. Totally the case of so near yet so far! But I guess they have to be strict when money is involved.

My best record on that night .. 61 shot

SCORE #centurionchallenge winner of the night! Congratz !

Centurion Challenge winner !!! Russ & Owanye Khoo

The Grand Finals will be held in Score at The Roof on 28 August 2015, will see approximately 10-20 contestants go head to head for ultimate grand prize RM10,000 !


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Score at The Roof promo !

More info at their official Facebook page >> https://www.facebook.com/Score.TheRoof




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