Launching of 2015 Nando’s Art Competition (Nando’s Art Initiative)

Nando’s deepens its Commitment towards its Art Initiative…..

20 Jan 2015

Nando’s Malaysia recently launched the 8th installation of its annual art competition through the brand’s on-going art initiative programme. Since its inception in 2008, Nando’s has since grown and expanded the initiative to ensure that young Malaysian artists truly benefit from this platform. Last year, in an effort to allow more individuals to showcase their work, two new categories were introduced. This year Nando’s takes the Art Initiative a step further by marking another significant milestone.

(L-R) Nando’s Art Initiative judges Izan Tahir, Mac Chung Lynn, Ian Cruddas, Kenji Chai, Syed Nabil (Nando’s Art Initiative’s Chief Advisor)


To guarantee a better-rounded venture, Nando’s has invested into providing more aspects to the programme, which will harness greater support for artists from the competition as well as other young talents, allowing Nando’s to reach out to more youth who have a love for art. Now, as an entity on its own, the Nando’s Art Initiative will operate independently with a singular focus – to nurture young talented artists and give them a platform to showcase their work and a dedicated space in which to do so.   

CEO of Nando’s Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr Ian Cruddas discussing about Nando’s Art Initiative’s journey for 2015


In conjunction with the launch of the 2015 Nando’s art competition, Nando’s also officially opened a contemporary new creative space called LOT123. The artistic zone is part of the current Nando’s Chinatown outlet, where an entire floor has been converted to further hone new talents as well as where passion for the arts can be expressed and developed. 

“Instead of using the space to expand the restaurant, we felt that converting it into a venue for artists would make more sense for our art initiative programme. This will be an outlet dedicated to the arts without any commission incurred on the pieces sold. This represents our commitment and investment in nurturing these talented individuals.  With this new venture we are now able to host art exhibitions, workshops or event mentorship programmes for these new talents,” said Ian Cruddas, CEO of Nando’s Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 

Guests took part in ‘Your Art, Your Story’ jigsaw game..

On top of the official opening of LOT123, the brand also unveiled a new logo that marked a new chapter for the Nando’s Art Initiative, as it moves beyond just a yearly competition, but an Art Project on a much larger scale. 

To christen the new venue, LOT123, opened with a group exhibition curated by 2014’s runner-ups and will be open for public viewing from January 20 to February 8, 2015. The art works that are available for purchase will range from RM800 to RM 3500. Each artist has produced a compilation of four artworks based on their own individual themes.  

Hakim Muslim, 2014 Nando’s Art Initiative 1st Runner Up for Fine Art Category standing next to his winning artwork.


In line with enabling contestant to truly tell their stories through art, the theme for 2015 will be ‘Your Art, Your Story’; it will be up to each individual participant to determine their own theme so that they express their own thoughts and ideas through art. This will allow young artistes to explore the depths of their creativity to the fullest and produce a masterpiece that truly expresses their prolific take on art.

“Here at Nando’s we believe that art should be expressed and celebrated regardless of what form it comes in. Giving competitors’ free reign to submit what art means to them is the best way to provide young talents the opportunity to realise their best artistic potential,” added Cruddas further. 

Nando’s new creative space, LOT123…

In terms of categories, the incorporation of digital art and graffiti art into last year’s competition proved to be a fruitful endeavor and will continue to be part of the annual competition. Participants in these categories who participated in 2014 felt that their passions were being recognized as works of art and Nando’s hopes to help increase the support and interest in digital art and graffiti amongst more Malaysians.

The Launch of 2015 Nando’s Art Intiative and LOT123 official logo….

This year’s competition also sees a diverse and distinguished panel of judges comprising Izan Tahir, a dynamic presence and force of innovation in printmaking in Malaysia today; Nini Ramlan, Head of Content Innovation at Primeworks Studios, painter and illustrator; Mohd Hirzaq Abdul Haris, former winner of Nando’s Peri-fy Your Art competition, now acclaimed artist; Marvin Chan, an established Malaysian artist whose works have been put on show in major public and private galleries around the country; Kenji Chai, a notable name in the graffiti space; Ian Cruddas, CEO of Nando’s Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd; and Mac Chung Lynn, Group CEO Nando’s Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 

Nando’s will also be giving away prizes worth up to RM85,000 following the categories below.

The fiery prizes up for grabs include:

Fine art and digital art categories:
• Grand prize – Fully sponsored solo exhibition, RM5,000 cash and Nando’s vouchers worth RM500  
• 1st runner up – RM3,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500  
• 2nd runner up – RM2,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500  
• Consolation prize (x3) – RM1,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500

Graffiti / street art category:
• Grand prize – RM5,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500
• Consolation prize (x3) – RM2,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500

The Nando’s Art Competition 2015 starts on January 20 and will end on March 31, 2015. Artwork for all three categories is to be submitted by uploading photographs of the completed work online via Nando’s Art Initiative website at

All work will be judged based on originality and creativity, concept and interpretation of ‘Your Art, Your Story’, quality of design and composition, use of medium and artistic finish, and overall impression.

For more information on Nando’s Art Initiative, please log on to   

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