TIGER FC The Real Pitch – Fans to pitch their way to the UK

A new contest revealed by Tiger FC will send fans to experience football at where it all began…..

14 Dec
Laundry, The Curve

Tiger FC (TIGER FC The Real Pitch) did not disappoint when it said it had something epic to reveal to its fans at their second Big Away Game yesterday. Prior to the event, the footie fan club hinted that the news will present “something epic and something football aficionados will definitely cheer for”. Well, cheer they did.

The brand ambassadors are all geared up for Tiger FC Big Away Game at Laundry, The Curve.

Called The Real Pitch, the contest requires fans to pitch to Tiger FC why they should be the chosen one for the all-expense paid, once-in-a-lifetime trip to the United Kingdom. The grand prize rewards fans with a 5D/4N trip to London with one stadium match, and a pub match viewing experience.

YouTuber and producer of “The Real Pitch” promotional video Joseph Germani  (2nd from left) stands with Tiger Beer’s senior brand manager Gwei Hway (3rd left)  & marketing manager Tai See Wai.

Tiger Beer marketing manager Tai See Wai says, “There’s no denying that our fans here enjoy watching football as much as the next Brit. But the atmosphere here is so different from being in the thick of things, where the fans in the UK are at one with the players and fellow fans while Malaysian fans are so far removed from that ambiance.
“As such, we’d like to give our fans a first-hand experience at a true football viewing experience to be surrounded in the energy and be among UK supporters through The Real Pitch. It’s time to reward them with a gift that extends beyond the screenings. We look forward to seeing how fans will ‘Uncage Their Passion’ for football in this contest.”

A fan tests out Tiger FC’s mobile web game, Trick Shot Pro…

Fans give the new innovative platform, Gameday a shot..

Fans in attendance got an exclusive first look at the contest promotional video made by famous Malaysian YouTuber Joseph Germani, who was also present at the event. They were also given the opportunity to be a part of the first batch of entries.

Fans paying close attention to the exclusive preview of “The Real Pitch” promotional video aired during Tiger FC’s Big Away Game held at Laundry, The Curve.

Fans have from today until on January 2nd, 2015 to pitch their entries to Tiger FC. All they need to do is create a 15-seconds video on how they would “UNCAGE THEIR PASSION FOR FOOTBALL” via Instagram and submit it by tagging @TigerBeerMy with the hashtags #TigerFC, #TheRealPitch and #UncageYourPassion. All properly tagged entries are linked automatically to Tiger FC’s The Real Pitch Facebook Tab on its Facebook page. Fans can also share their entries from the tab’s gallery, and challenge their friends to submit an entry themselves.  A winner will be announced within a week from end of contest.

For more information on The Real Pitch, watch Germani’s video at
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDJKdJUFCYU or visit The Real Pitch tab on 
Tiger Beer’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/tigerbeermy today.

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