Kronenbourg 1664’s Comedy Night

Laugh Out Loud !!!!!!!!!!
3 Oct 2014
Tom, Dick & Harry’s 
Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

Another amazing friday night with 
Kronenbourg Taste the French Way of Life campaign, this time  filled with laughter featuring Malaysian finest laughter-inducing experts such as the good boy gone bad – Kuah Jenhan, the comic with more spin than a high speed turbine – Andrew Netto and the comedy crusader – Phoon Chi Ho !

Guests creating quality moments with Kronenbourg 1664 at Kronenbourg 1664’s Comedy Night

dinner..chicken chop

round 2.. pork burger…

Re-appearance is the Kronenbourg 1664 Hammer Machine as the ultimate stress-reliever

Hardworking Malaysians beginning their weekend of work-life balance with comedian – Andrew Netto!

Urbanites enjoying the comedic genius of Kuah Jenhan….

cheers to work-life balance!!!

Urbanites laughing their way to work- life balance

The comedy crusader of the night – Phoon Chi Ho..


The ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ campaign that propagates work-life balance by bringing urbanites pleasurable Friday evening events has enabled numerous quality moments for those who have bravely adopted the lifestyle and is geared to spread more of that joy to everyone…

For more information on Kronenbourg 1664 Taste the French Way of Life, please visit >>

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