Nusa Dua Bali Trip (Part 3) – Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Batuan Temple & Cock Fighting

22 – 24 Feb 2014
Nusa Dua Bali Trip

Continue to my next destination, Ubud Monkey Forest also known as Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary .. entrance fees only 20,000rp, the monkeys are rascals, so be smart and don’t go in with food in your bags or any food that’s on you, they’ll find! Don’t feed them by hand unless you’re comfortable with the monkeys climbing on you.  However, i found that as long as we kept our distance they did not bother us…
So much fun to see the monkeys frolicking around; babies clinging to their moms. 

Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary…..

It was actually very amusing walking through and watching their antics.

Last destination, Batuan Temple or Pura Puseh..
located in the middle of Batuan village, along the main road to Ubud. With traditional Balinese architecture and ornaments around the temple, it provides tourist a true Balinese feel. The admission is free. However, the local people will expect you to make a donation of any amount of your own wish to support the maintenance of the temple. ( I donated 5000rp…) There is a simple donation box provided for you to put in your donation followed by a book that you have to write your name and amount donated for recording purposes.

This gate leads into a courtyard which has a garden and a galaxy of statues fixed at various locations., clearly influenced by Indian religious architecture…..

One thing I didn’t expect was there’s a traditional cock fight going on in this temple, place was packed, most of them are mens….

Cock fighting is a big part of Balinese Hinduism, the animal sacrifice and the blood of the cock spread around the temple is supposed to an offering to the gods, and while it’s okay for religious purposes, betting on the fight is technically illegal, though that doesn’t seem to stop anyone really…

The roosters are strapped with these small knives around one of their feet.  The flap, jump, crow and stomp on each other for the kill.  I can barely see anything as it happens all so fast.

over very quickly, like 10 -15 seconds…..

Apparently one of the chickens ran away causing quite a scare in the audience, as lets be honest it isn’t all that safe as that chicken does have a huge rather sharp blade attached to its leg! .

totally didn’t expect anything like this so it was pretty awesome….

End my tour by taking dinner at … sorry i cant remember the place name.. the tour guide brought me to this roadside stall somewhere in Ubud….  and i ordered nasi ayam lalapan overall cost 45000rp for both of us..
Lalapan Ayam…… The dish consists of tempe, cucumber, spinach, chicken and served alongside the very ‘tantalizing’ spicy sambal sauce..

Nothing to do on my last day in Bali… just relax at the hotel pool and beach…

breakiee …..

the beach is mine…lol
Overall i had an enjoyable and memorable trip in Bali…. 

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