Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash Party

Lucky 7even : Party at….Lost Amazon….
Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash Party
Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre
22th March 2014
Diz iz my first time celebrate Nuffnang’s burdae bash wit all d Nuffies & Nuffnangers! and d theme for diz year’s burdae bash is James Bond 007:Lost Amazon…ok.. time suit up !!! but i didnt…hehe
Once arrive, we r given an envelope with a secret mission needed to completed to find the serial killer… 3 mission included wishing tree (write burdae wishes on d wishin tree), mystery box (search ping pong ball in 5 seconds) & score above 70 points in dart challenge.. stamps will be given when each games completed.. i played 2 games then… i give up.. im more interested into food & drink….hehehe…



tha crowd..



nice view here.


goodies bag.. i loike !!


free flow of heineken !!


bbq + kl city view = awesome !!!!



secret agent cupcakes..


About 10 awards given out for da nuffies dat day such as Belog Paling Gempak, Best Instagram Photo and etc …ohh yeah.. some kpop performance too…

more  pix on my instagram acc… pls cekidout yo !!!

thanks 4 d invites & heypi burdae NUFFNANG !!!!!!!
after the events end around 10 sumthin…. str8 to Zouk KL (10-15 minutes from KL Life Centre) for anotha event >>>
yup.. Heineken again…. woop woop !!!!!


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