Ferry Corsten Live at PLAY

Ferry Corsten is back !!!! at PLAY !!
Ferry Corsten Live at PLAY
30 April 2014
Play @ The Roof

Ferry Corsten A revolution in the dance music genre. For 20 years he’s foreseen what club citizens want to dance to and as an artisan DJ/producers, delivered it. He’s one of the top 10 DJ’s in the world for five years already. Ferry is called the ‘architect, pioneer and instigator’ of trance music’s global dominance. He has his own style. A studio auteur with a fierce sense of sonic rightness, a real-deal producer who works solo, sans engineer, and creates the most complete, energetic, melodic records in dance music. Ferry Corsten is the globe-trotting, club-packing, beat-dropping superstar DJ.

It’s a public holiday eve, come out and PLAY!!!!!!!!!! 

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