Medan / Bukit Lawang Trip

Medan / Bukit Lawang Trip 2013
27 – 29 Dec 2013 
Grand Aston City Hall / Bukit Lawang

My second trip of year 2013, first was in Bali , here the blogspost >>  
Bali Trip (Part 1)
Bali Trip (Part 2)

and this time, i travel alone … woooohoooo !!!!!!!

Kualanamu Medan Airport.


my room



Grand Aston City Hall Medan..



day 1, walk around place near my hotel…



Pos Indonesia..

sate… 10k rupiah


Bintang beer, 15900rp per bottle..



random shots from minibus, on the way to Bukit Lawang..


Bukit Lawang is 80 km from Medan….. A bus trip will take around 3 – 4 hours.


luckily, i meet some new friends… if not i’d be bored to death..


Finally reach Bukit Lawang bus station and need to take a becak ride to Bukit Lawang orangutan centre…. around 5 minutes.

To reach the rehabilitation centre from Bukit Lawang requires another 2 km walk.



i repeat… is 2km of walk..


The riverside village of Bukit Lawang.


almost 20 minutes of walk til the end of a river trail …A canoe on a cable is provided for crossing the river.


after that, climb along a steep muddy trail through the jungle..


10-15 minutes of walk….then…..walllaaaa !!!!!.. orang utan !


crossing the river by canoe.

others activities in Bukit Lawang is tubing, kayaking, rafting and etc


some random shots while on my way to airport.


Bye bye Medan !!!!!!Travel Cost  >>

Day 1
– Bus from Medan Kualanamu Airport to Carrefour Bus Station = 15,000rp (around 1 hours)
– Taxi from Carrefour Bus Station to my hotel Grand Aston City Hall = 20,000rp (around 10 minutes)

Day 2 
– Minibus near my hotel to Kampung Lalang = 5000rp (around 1 hours)
– Another minibus from Kampung Lalang to Bukit Lawang = 15,000rp  (around 3 hours)
– Becak ride to Bukit Lawang Orangutan rehabilitation centre = 5000rp (around 5 minutes)
– Orangutans permit costs 20,000rp and extra 50,000rp for a camera permit
– Back to Bukit Lawang bus station = 5000rp (around 5 minutes)
– Minibus from Bukit Lawang to Kampung Lalang = 15,000rp
– Kampung Lalang to bus station near my hotel = 5000rp

Day 3
– Taxi to Carrefour Bus Station (bus to airport) = 20,000rp (around 10 minutes)
– Bus to Kualanamu Airport = 15,000rp (around 1 hours)
– Airport tax = 75,000rp

Not include foods & beverage 😛

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