Heineken Thirst 2013

When Saturday Turned Into THIRSTday !!!!
Heineken Thirst 2013
14 Dec 2013 
Sepang F1 Circuit

Over 20,000 pairs of hands flew up in a sea of light at Heineken Thirst. For Heineken Thirst, it was the largest talent roll call so far. Global EDM superstar and pioneer producer David Guetta. Afrojack, W&W, Madeon, Nervo, Example, R3hab, Goldfish & Blink, XU, Bunga and BATE spread across two massive stages: the Green Stage and the Star Arena.“What really sets the bar for Heineken Thirst is the custom-built festival site, the bars and VIP areas that reflect our commitment to creativity, excellence and progressive new music experiences,” comments Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia. “This year, that experience literally unfolded before the eyes of the crowd. From the moment our consumers entered it was clear they were embarking on a journey inside the world of Heineken Thirst.”

Because i have watched Afrojack (Zouk@Sepang 2012) & David Guetta (David Guetta Live in Malaysia 2012) last year… so i decided to rave at Star Arena stage… plus the stage is near wit d crowd…nice lighting too so i can get some nice shots…

our local heroes… Goldfish & Blink

Unfolding like a sail, twin towers on either side of the stage established the origami design concept on which the rest of the festival site design was based. Those reflective sails added texture, depth and drama to the Green Stage.
That same origami theme also defined the architectural innovation of the Green Stage’s VIP area. An effervescent mix of triangular sails, LED screens and lighting reimagined this VIP enclosure as a bold installation statement. Inside the VIP zone, stage-viewing areas, chill-out enclaves and comfortable cubbies were offset by the indigo glow of the UV lighting, which brought the Heineken Club Bottle, a VIP exclusive, to vivid life. 

i cant get good shots at the main stage…. TOO DARK…. so i went to 2nd stage…. Star Arena…

diz stage better……less crowd..

The unfolding layers were also mirrored in the design of the towering Heineken bars across the site as well as the Star Arena. with a series of cascading screens that became both lighting sources and sources of visual inspiration on a stage headlined by W&W and with incredible moments from the likes of Madeon, R3hab, Example + DJ Wire, XU and Bunga. 

DJ Xu….. bringin us some electro techno.



he makes all the gurlz…..screammm..

set was energetic, bass heavy, and moving…

Madeon smashin it heavy…

here come…..DJ Wire..


spinin some electrified bangers.

DJ Wire X Example !!!!!!!

dey bringin us all the greatest EDM song …. LIVE.


diz iz d time to sing along a.k.a karaoke time !!!!


R3hab !!!!!!!!


my fav set of the nite !!!!!!!!!!!

jumped, fist pumped, and danced.


R3hab easily flitted between various genres…goin between electro and progressive house.


to trap, dupstep & hardstyle… u name it.

new music with Steve Aoki …. FLIGHT !!!!!!!


Nervo joined him up on stage..




tasty amalgamation of their trance routes, alongside their new found electro trouse sound


Lift Off !!!!!

their set were off the hook!!!!

The limited edition Heineken Club Bottle was launched for VIP and Heinesuite guests at Heineken Thirst before a wider release in some of Heineken’s flagship outlets across Malaysia. The aluminium bottle features a variation of Moore’s signature vector-funk graphics. 
In daylight the bottle appears to feature a frosted geometric pattern featuring a signature green 
star. In the UV ambience of the VIP Area at Heineken Thirst, Hidden in the folds of that frosted geometry and activated by the dark lights, the Heineken Club Bottle adopted a new personality of startling fluorescent greens and blues

Here some vid i manage to record :-

Everyone at the Star Arena killed it……. 
Definitely R3hab set is my fav set of da nite…
My fav moment when Nervo crashing R3hab set !! epickkkkk !!!! 
Miss the fireworks, Nervo, Afrojack, David Guetta, lazer show at the main stage BUT
I’ve made a right choice, 2 stay at d Star Arena stage til d end…. it was epic !!!! worth it 
What an intense night….

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