Hennessy Artistry 2013

Celebrate Festival of Lights….Lazer Lights

Hennessy Artistry 2013 
2 Nov 013 

Da supa clubbin event iz bizaaack !!!! Da same day hindu frenz celebratin Deepavali or known as festival of lights.. guess wut.. im celebrate festival of lights too…i means… lazer lights..haahaha….

Diz year no more 360 cam booth, but My Hennessy Moment photo booth still cool .. not forget da 4 Henny signature long drinks..plus amazing live performance by local & international artist… 

The show started with Malaysian homegrown dj’s duo Lapsap…

Hennessy Artistry 2013


my fav long drinks… gingerr.


DJ Victor Trixter on da deck at the lounge before the party started..


Hennessy Mixing Zone….let mixxxxxxx it up !!!!!!!


DJ Victor Trixter..


the lounge…

Jochen Miller & Julie Woon ..

2nd act… from Korea…. NS Yoon-G

DJ One Love introduce us……..


Neon Hitch !!!!!!!!!!!!

Neon Hitch & Kinetics, performin one of my fav song “Airplanes” (B.O.B)…also co-wrote by Kinetics.


host… Julie Woon & Zhe


here comes..Dmitry KO

the last act of da nite……. Jochen Miller

definitely a super clubbin event….
H-Artistry rawwwwkksss !!


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