Heineken Legendary Traveler Instagram Contest


Traveled 8 Countries in 1 Hour !!!!!

Heineken Legendary Traveler Instagram Contest 
KL Lake Gardens
24 August 2013

In conjunction with Heineken’s latest global campaign, Voyage, a mini challenge about snappin Instagram photos that reflect a legendary travel, starring Heineken…

meet up point…


Heineken Legendary Traveler Instagram Contest


Depart to destination….


Diz is the propz…. Lil’ Heineken..


Blindfolded to a secret location..


The challenge start here..


first….bacc 2 da nature !!!!!! green is my thang !!


then have sum fun…


i travel back ….waaaaaay back….arrrr run !!!!


now im in Singapore (Merlion)…. (can u c me?)


suddenly , im in Bali..



Look !!!!!  Niagara falls !!!


Now im in China…




Nile river..


yeay.. im back … home sweet home..



tha winna..


Diz is a must have..

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