Drop It Like It’s Hot with Glenmorangie

Do Da Dougie Wit Glenmorangie !!!!!

Drop It Like It’s Hot with Glenmorangie
Neverland KL
6 July 2013

Host by
MC Sean Beazzie

Performance by
ELCX dance crew
DJ Capt. Ed
Resident Performers
DJ Roxy June

Glenmorangie celebrates the Hip Hop / R&B culture with “Drop It Like It’s Hot” theme at Neverland last friday nite… Filled with hip-hop beats, R&B grooves with EDM music plus live performance and of course the famous Glenmorangie single malt whisky (one hour free flow )..…yum yum… so…lets do da dougie  !!!!!!!!!!!!

Glenmorangie tunnel…



DJ Roxy June..


Really enjoyed DJ Capt. Ed set.. bringing us from the 80’s 90’s and the latest hip hop r&b music.. like the world famous Tha Next Episode, Hip Hop Horray , Return Of The Mack…Thrift Shop (dem,… is was a really cool set !!!)

Live performance awesome too.. but too much thai song…lol

Ended with wicked full of bass, EDM set by DJ Roxy June….( i tot was a hip hop / R&B nite..lol)

Love the swag LED sunglasses…

Overall, really enjoyed the nite.. thanks to Glenmorangie Malaysia…

Check more info/events at Glenmorangie Malaysia !!!

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