Carlsberg Where’s The Party 2013

We FLYYY Likaa G6 !!!!

Carlsberg Where’s The Party 2013
MAEPS Serdang
6 July 2013

Host by
Joey G & Patricia K

Performance by
Douglas Lim
DJ Eva T
DJ Funkzu

3am In The Valley, Joel Turner and Big Skryptz
DJ Inquisitive & Emcee Derrick
Miss Nine
DJ Claz & DJ Ming Ming

Da epiccc parteeeee iz bizackkkk!!! Da 4th edition WTP mystery place had been revealed!! Diz time held in MAEPS Serdang…from a agro park turned into airport departure concept …awesome !!!!!….we gonna party n fly like a G6 !!!!!!!….hahaa…

shuttled by a cute mini bus…


road to da epic parteee…


where’s the party??


Boarding to #wherestheparty..


cool Carlsberg customized aircraft…

air stewardess..


Carlsberg Malaysia MD Henrik Anderson & Calsberg Singapore John Botia…during press conference..

DJ Funkzu..


9 Lives..


3am In The Valley, Joel Turner and Big Skryptz…


Emcee Derrick & DJ Inquisitive..








Calsberg Malaysia marketing director Juliet Yap (left), MD Henrik Anderson, Calsberg Singapore John Botia and Calsberg Singapore marketing director Bernard Yeo..


DJ Eva T..

mini games & foot massage..


the stage is huge!!


1st act… Douglas Lim… stand up comedy.. freakin hilarious… xspecially his own version of Beyond – 海闊天空…. ” bring cantonpop bacccckk !!!!!!!! ” …lol



9 Lives…


Joy Shavini Victor of 9 Lives…


Big Skryptz…


3am In The Valley..



Diz year no more Shawn Lee beatbox… here comes …Joel Turner ….

that calls for a Carlsberg…


my fav shot..


DJ Inquisitive & Emcee Derrick..

Miss Nine…

anotha fav shot…

Patricia K..


Joey G & Patricia K….lovely pilot






– Da stage set up was dope…
– Sate & fried chicken was great and the lok lok was EPIKKKK !!!!!!!!!
– Best WTP moment – 9 Lives perform Beyond famous song – 海闊天空 (crowd sing along) & Douglas Lim same song but his own version….
– Sweety..owhhh Sweetyyy….lol..
– Miss Nine did a wicked set…
– Cazette killed it all…
– I won a Carlsberg backpackkkkkk !!!!!! wooohoooo !!!
– Had a great chattin session wit Carlsberg MD Henrik Anderson, marketing director Juliet Yap & Singapore marketing director Bernard Yeo…

– Free flow closed at 10pm.. (promote responsible drinking) …ok la for a good cause….

– Didnt have the chance to play all the mini games….
– Cold burger, meehun & nasi lemak….
– I met Jin from JinnyBoyTV in d toilet…WTF !!!…lol.. 
– Signin’ off when DJ Claz & DJ Ming Ming set….very sorry !!!!

– WTP mobile apps down….cant go to europe…..waaaaaaaaa……(T_T)
– The crowd wasn’t that high after 11 sumthin….drunk maybe…lol
– I almost didnt make it 2 da party all bcoz of d stupid Google maps mobile.. bringin me to kinrara housing area WTF !!!! but manged to reach there… thanks to my frenz guided me….fuh…

Is like 2nd WTP 2011 party at Carlsberg brewery factory….diz time better because is indoor with air conditioner…..

Impressed with the overall event setup…. the aviation theme…

Overall was awesome night… I enjoyed myself and had fun nite…and looking forward for the next epic party yo !!!!!!!


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    Yo bro,

    I’m one of the guy you gave your blog address to outside the toilet if you remember. And may i have the photo on the top left of the last collage photo in this post?

    Thanks a lot:)

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