Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™

Need a laptop or tablet.. hard to choose ?? How about 2 in 1 ?? Check out the New Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™. Check this awesome video featuring no.1 DJ …Tiesto 

Today, many users are faced with choosing between notebook, hybrid, convertible or tablet designs when selecting a mobile computing device. The Aspire P3 takes care of that, with no compromises required. The Aspire P3 is the ideal mobile computing device for users who create and consume content and reduce the amount of tech clutter in our lives.  

Super thin and light


Ultraportable design, super thin and light, weight only 3.06 pounds and is about 0.77 inches thick. The Aspire P3 is an Ultrabook™ for when you’re focused on productive tasks, and a tablet when you need greater flexibility to move around. 


Sleek design..


It’s a 11.6-inch HD IPS touchscreen display with touch centric technology, running Windows 8, and its screen part pops out to become a tablet. This Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel, it uses Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors deliver the performance needed to take on these tasks while providing more efficient power consumption for longer battery life of up to six hours. Giving you the power to handle several complex tasks at the same time.


Flip it like a boss


The detachable tablet and keyboard adapt smoothly to whatever you’re doing. When it’s all set up, touch control and typing are efficient for work. By itself, the tablet is just 790 g and 9.95 mm, ideal for handheld enjoyment at home or on the road…

Tablet or lappy

The high-portable Ultrabook is in truth a combination of a tablet computer and a Bluetooth key-board leather case. With the case, the P3 can be made use of as a notebook with keyboard, or it could be folded level into a tablet computer. You might likewise separate it from the key-board situation, flip and switch into tablet mode in one swift movement. If you want to move even faster than that, then you can detach the touchscreen and make a quick getaway.

Audio is enhanced by Dolby® Home Theater®



Acer’s P3 obtains a 11.6-inch IPS HD LCD touchscreen with 10-point multitouch and 170-degree seeing angle, and it has no touchpad or trackpoint, indicating you have to interact with Windows 8 making use of the touchscreen comes with 60G or 120GB SSD for storage space. The 5 Megapixel main video camera could catch high-res images and the Acer Crystal Eye HD webcam is able to capture 720p HD video. You could find Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, and also USB 3.0 and HDMI ports and enhanced by Dolby® Home Theater® audio noise.


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