Reach Out 2013

When Youth Convention turned into Celebration…opps iz Rave Party

Reach Out 2013

Taylor University Lakeside Campus
2 March 2013
4.00pm til 11sumthin….

Performance by..
Taboo of Black Eyed Peas
Mizz Nina
Tres Empre
Seven Collar T Shirt
K Town Clan
Project EAR

Jason Chen
David Choi
Chester See
DJ Ash
Jakeman & Skeletor

A concert held by im4u….
is a convention plus concert, i went there for juz for d concert… not interested for the convention (start at 9pm), i might sleep during their talk sessions…lol

Concert start at 4 sumthin, started with incredible energatic performance by Mizz Nina, perform all her greatest hits….. 

Then come Tres Empre, give us a rawkin show.. my 2nd time watch dem live, here the 1st ROCK THE WORD 2012 
Next up is Narmi.. all the girls goes crazy n screaming when he sing…he has a nice voice.. 
then…Seven Collar Tshirt perform….
finally some hip hop music by K Town Clan.. hype up the crowd with their crunk music…

After dat, Hujan…with their hits (Obsesi, Mencari Konklusi, Empayarmu & Aku Skandal)..
Then comes Project EAR a.k.a Pop Shuvit and Dandee (without Jamir Garcia / Slapshock).. performing few new song like “Flyaway” and the hits “Marabahaya”…


Mizz Nina…

Tres Empre…


Eddie of Tres Empre

Bazz of Tres Empre




Seven Collar Tshirt

Roshan Jamrock 




Big Bo


DJ Mastermind

K Town Clan

Noh from Hujan..



Azham Ahmad.

Izzat Huzaini


AG Coco




Mootz of Pop Shuvit / Project E.A.R.






DJ Uno…




Project E.A.R.

Around 8pm…the place started packed all bcoz of the Youtube sensation act.. 
Started the show by Jason Chen, did a cover song by Bruno Mars – “When I Was Your Man”, and a mandarin song by David Tao – “Just A Friends” and some own song..
Then goes another youtube artist David Choi.. and ended by Chester See.. 

Jason Chen..

David Choi

Chester See..

After all the love / heartbreak song ended..
Suddenly came out our PM Najib gor & his wife Rosmah on da stage.. introduce his son a.k.a DJ Ash….guess wut..a love concert turn to rave/clubbin parteeee !!!!!!!… and i like it.. thanks to DJ Ash supported by Jakeman & Skeletor and hyped by Mootz & Dandee..dey tearing the house down… Seriously , DJ Ash set was dope, the crowd goes crazy, jumpin around.. i was surprise.. i tot ony Taboo will do all the “clubbin/party” part at the end, knahmean?? 


DJ Ash


After all the clubbin-ish, here comes Estelle, brinign us her r&b, soul, funk hip hop music to us..but my fav definitely “One Love” & “American Boy” …….


And the last act, Taboo Experience a.k.a Taboo (Back Eyed Peas)..started up with BEP hits 
then a lil bit of gangsta hip hop also one of my fav rap song of all time.. by Dr.Dre & Snoop Dogg “Tha Next Epdisde”, Crowd goes crazy, dancin and raving like there’s no tomorrow

He just not only stick on d deck and spin music… he also dance & rap…the best part is recorded a Harlem Shake video with us (i recorded it – pls check below)….

Taboo Experience .

Taboo – Harlem Shake (Malaysia Version)

I must say, I wasn’t expecting Reachout to be the an awesome event it was that day,
is a crazy concert……

for all those didnt come or went back after the youtube sensation perform,…
ahhahaahhaa!!!! u juz missed a great party…a free clubbin/rave party !!!!! wootss

PS : clubbin with Najib, Rosmah & his son… dats watsupp !!! lol…



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