Paramore Live In Malaysia 2013

\m/ MORE & MORE Rawkkkk !!!!!!!!  \m/ 

Paramore Live In Malaysia 2013
Stadium Negara
17 Feb 2013
8.00pm til 11 sumthin….

Performance by..

Opening act by American band MewithoutYou, perform 7 song , the best part is Hayley with a “Dweeb” sweatshirt and caps on suddenly popped on stage and started to sing together Aaron Weiss from mewithoutYou n da crowd go cray cray….

Around 9pm, here comes Paramore taking over the stage, started with their latest single “Now”.  and the crowd goes wild…

Continue with “That’s What You Get”, “Ignorance” dan “Decode”

Hayley with her hot red hair… headbanging and running all over the stage 

Jeremy and Taylor did an awesome acrobatic backflip during “Pressure”

In the middle of the performance, Hayley asked the fans at the seating zone stand up to rock with them…

Hayley lying down on the stage floor while singin “’I’m Pretty Optimistic’ song,

Rockin  “In The Morning” in acoustic version mix it up with Landslide besides Taylor, mesmerizes the crowd.

Continue others hits like Born For This, Ignorance, Playing God, Brick by Boring Brick, Monster, Renegade, Careful, Let’s The Flame Begin, Hello Cold World and Fences.

‘The Only Exception’, Hayley let the fans sing the chorus…

Hayley was so energetic and hyper active…

Ended the show wit ‘Misery Business’, Hayley choose someone from the crowd to go up stage rockin with the band,  Hayley choose one lucky girl named Lucy, Hayley asked her “do you know the song better than I do?”, Lucy said “yes” (in my mind … r u sure???)

And Lucy rocked it like a rockstar (definitely a die hard fan !!!) made me and Malaysian proud of it !!!!… owned and run around the stage with Hayley..  even step up on a “Paramore” tool box , usually rockers do …  even managed to camwhored with Hayley..dang… (u can watch it all in my video below)

Aaron Weiss & Rickie Mazzotta



the stage..


Hayley Williams…

Paramore !!!!


Ilan Rubin

headbangin  !!!

Hayley & Taylor

Jeremy Davis..


Here my only video :-

One hour and a half filled with pure awesomeness..
Sorry bout some blur images… my compact camera sucks…

This Is my 3rd time watching rock chicks singin in live… flawless, here my others two :-  m/

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