Rock The World 2012

Diz aint Party Rock…Diz iz DIRTY RAWK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock The World 2012
Padang Merbok
15 Dec 2012
5.00pm til 10.30 sumthin…..

Host by…
Rina Omar

Performance by..
too many….lol

Actually i won a pair tix from TV9, but dun hav time to collect (working)….wasted…dang…
On saturday, event day….i heard DLSR cam is allow to bring in…hell fackin yeah im going..even have to buy….The show start at 11.00am but i went there around 5.00pm, Pop Shuvit/ Project E.A.R is performing… and the rawkkin show continues til 11pm…

Only rm30 !!!!!!!! super cheap !!!!!
Jamir Garcia of Slapshock !!!!!!!!
JD of Pop Shuvit !!!!!!!!

AJ of Pop Shuvit !!!!!!!!
Moots of Pop Shuvit !!!!!!!!
Project E.A.R !!!!!!!!

crazieeee mosh pit !!!!!!!!

Eddie of Tres Empre !!!!!!!!
Dreamers !!!!!!!

Tres Empre !!!!!!!!

Bert of Tres Empre !!!!!!!!
Whip my hair !!!!!!!! (CLICK HERE FOR ENLARGE THE PIC)
Bazz of Tres Empre !!!!!!!!

Raaawkkk on !!!!!!!!
Azrul of Tres Empre 
Rina !!!!!!!!
Ijam of Restraint !!!!!!!!
Restraint !!!!!!!!

Afwan of Restraint !!!!!!!!

Andy of The Malayan !!!!!!!!
Khian of The Malayan !!!!!!!!

The Malayan !!!!!!!!

Tip-C & Eyza Bahra of Salam Musik !!!

Salam of Salam Musik !!!
Salam Musik !!!

Rasta babeyyyy !!!!

Darren Ashley !!!

Darren Ashley & tha bands!!!

Damn Dirty Apes !!!
Radhi of OAG !!!
natural high…lol !!!!

Syarul of Love Me Butch !!!

 Love Me Butch !!!

iz metal time !!!
Firdaus of Daarchlea !!!

Daarchlea !!!

anotha metal moment !!!
Ash of Massacre Conspiracy !!!

Massacre Conspiracy !!!

The Good

– DSLR cam is allowed even video cam..i repeat.. VIDEO CAM !!! .. very rare… i love the organizer !!!!!! Rock The World FTW !!!!!!!!
– For d first time i saw a bunch of ppl head bangin during Daarchelia & Masscare Conspiracy rawkin.. (mostly i saw moshpit only in rock concert)..
– Buy tix worth rm30 … dey gave me rm60 food voucher but expired on 31 Dec ..WTF !!!!!

The Bad
– Very sticky and muddy !!!!! a.k.a Mudd Of Death… diz aint Party Rock !!!! diz is DIRTY RAWKKK !!!!! and i like it….
– 2 lucky winner won a guitar…but not me…T_T
– Crazy mosh pit a.k.a Kick, Push, Punch… y no running in circle??

The Ugly
Masjid Jamek LRT station is damn far from Padang Merbok…Plzz… no more P.Merbok, nex time, Stadium B.Jalil or Stadium Merdeka..

My favorite performance goes to Pop Shuvit, Salam Musik (rasta !!!!!!!!) & OAG (the only bands can make the whole crowd singing together)..
For those metal bands.. the music, guitar & drum rawkin sound r freakin awesome..but only one thing.. dunno wut dey sang…lol


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