Dredd 3D Premiere Screenings

Dredd 3D Premiere Screenings

19 Sept 2012
GSC Paradigm Mall
9.00pm til 11sumthin

Thanks to eCentral for da tix…

da front tix…
da back..
GSC Paradigm Mall..
da hall…
i got a nice seat….yahooo
is 3d !!!!!

My Lil Review

  1. Love the slow motion part ..iz off da hook.. (not the slow-mo drug)
  2. Brilliant effects from the drug slo-mo
  3. If you’ve always wanted to watch bullets go through someone’s face in slow motion, watch diz movie..
  4. Body blow up…head shootin…blood splash
  5. Scarier than resident evil retribution..
  6. Grungy, ultra-violent, shoot ’em up flicks..
  7. Must watch in 3D..
  8. 8/10 star…

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