MyFm 14th Birthday Bash 2012 Concert

MyFm 14th Birthday Bash 2012 Concert 飞凡 14 美斯特利亚

25 August 2012
Stadium Bukit Jalil Car Park 
8.00pm til l11 sumthin

This is my first time attending Myfm Birthday Bash concert, b4 diz they held in Genting….too far…not going…lols…..the best part is DSLR cam allowed….i repeat !! DSLR camera ALLOWED but no flash !!! hell yeah im going !!!!!!
Opening …Jack Lim & Jeff came out with a huge Hummer limo….dunno where they get is…geng !! then Wan Wai Fun came out with a custom mini helicopter…more geng !!! then all the Myfm DJ’s dancin together…

Packed !!!

Chok ar !!!!!!
Myfm DJ dancing !!!!
Myfm DJ ending posse !!!!
Wow !! Cool down Jeff…u look furious
Concert host…Jeff, Jack, Nicholas & Mei Yan
Hu Xia  胡夏

Royce 陈志康 & Wayne Phoo

Geraldine Gan 顏慧萍

Ky Tha 赵洁莹

Aric Ho

 Wayne Poo & Jym… Help…help…kidnapping
黃美珍 Jane Huang
Royce ..some contemporary dance…

東于哲 Thomas Jack
東于哲 Thomas Jack & 朱浩仁 Hao Ren

 鍾瑾樺 Alvin Chong

Jeno Liu Liyang 刘力扬

Peace Teo 张诒博

AK & Peace Teo 张诒博

陳威全Chen Wei Quan

VChuan, Emily Poon & Wan Wai Fun 

Catherine Ang, Wai Fun , Emily

Pink Tan 陳珂冰

Kit Teo 张起政

Kit Teo 张起政 …the ending with a kiss
Athena Beh 马嘉轩

Alvin,Jason, Athena & Peace
Pan Yu Wen 潘裕文

Hu Xia  胡夏

Mei Yan flying..
Ella of S.H.E
范玮琪 Christine Fan Wei Qi

范玮琪 Christine Fan Wei Qi

張棟樑 Nicholas Teo

Overall, love the sound the music…love the comedy skit…the firewroks..
I have enjoyed myself thoroughly
is a perfect / good show…bravo to all Myfm crew…
Hope see ya’ll nex year…


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