Arsenal vs Malaysia 2012

The Gunners vs The Tigers

24 July 2012
Stadium Bukit Jalil
9.45pm til late

Arsenal 2 – Eisfeld and Aneke
Malaysia 1 – Azmi Muslim

Wenger’s comments:
“We played two sides and I felt both did well. The first half was played at a high pace and overall it was a good workout for us against a good Malaysian team,” Wenger said.

“Every year they play faster, quicker and stronger. We had to be patient to win the game but the result was less important than the workout.

“We got the quality of the game we wanted and that is very positive and we got through it without any injuries.”

“Overall we still have some tactical work to do and some physical work, but don’t forget that some players have had only two or three days’ training. Some others have had a maximum of seven or eight, so physically we are far from what we can produce.”

Good job Malaysia !!!!!!!!!!! 
GO ! GO ! GO ! Harimau Malaya !!!!!!!!!


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