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Mario Balotelli and his drink !!!!!! FUNNY !!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA !!!!!

Mario Balotelli has again made more of an impact off the field rather than on it for Italy at Euro 2012, and that continued during a brief break in the quarter-final against England.

Supposedly during the interval between full-time and extra-time, the Italian sat beside Antonio Cassano, loquaciously expressing his thoughts on something or other, whilst holding an energy drink.

Having his say first rather than elevating his glucose levels, when he did eventually sip the yellowy green liquid, he spat it straight back out in disgust.

Gaining the attention of Cassano, who is now in conversation with Andrea Pirlo, he expressed his annoyance at being handed the drink before the clip ends.

If it was a prank (what else could be that colour?), then Cassano has given a better performance than he did against England.

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