MC Jin – In My Dream Live in Malaysia 2012

JIN-sanity a.k.a All I Do Is JIN !!!!!

MC Jin – In My Dream Live in Malaysia 2012

4 May 2012

KL Live
8.30pm til 11pm

Guest Appearance
Shawn Lee
Dennis Lau

Show start around 8.30 sumthin…perfomance by Shawn Lee the beatboxer (best moment when he do the Sexy N I Know It song)…then Dennis Lau came up…the combo make some crazy instrumental hits !!!!!! ….then the opening by DJ Quickie with some Jin past 10 years footage…then here comes da FREESTYLE KING came up wit a freakin incredible energetic spittin his new song “Shoot For The Moon” …..then THE REST IS HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~

Tha man in da house spittin !!!!!
DJ Quickie 

I bleed chinese !!!!!
“Learn Chinese” Malaysia RemiXXXXX !!
Forgot the song name…but it end with “Storm”

Crazy Collabo !!!!!!!

Million Dollar Sign !!!!!
Damn lucky fans !!!!!
Spittin rhymes 2gether !!!!!
Wutz my name !!!!!!!!
I got monay monay monay !!!!!
Newest asia rap group…will dominate asia soon !!!!!!!
My fav pix !!! Jin say “im gonna be a dad soon…and its a son” !!!!!!

Yo Yo Yo !!!!!

Chattin wit fans

Swag !!!!!!!!!

Ending posse !!!!!


Shawn Lee solo performance, 
Dennis Lau+ Shawn Lee(Unity of Art), 
Shoot the Moo
Classroom Time
It’s HipHop
Learn Chinese
Cooking Up a Strom(feat Dennis Lau+Shawn Lee)
When the Lights Come On
Sincerely Yours
—-Freestyle Rap—-
Brand New Me
Encore: Brand New Me

Freakin Awesome Moment
– Jin x Dennis Lau x Shawn Lee ….. super ultimate freakin awesome collabo !!!!
– Lucky fans get rap along with the legend… 
– Jin eat DURIAN for the first time..and he also says for the last time…lol…
– Lucky fans got a MILLION DOLLAR SIGN from him and also his sweat…
– He talks alot during da concert….dats i like…lots of concert i hav been usually the STAR didnt talk much n juz sing….he different… 
– Jin announce he gonna be a dad soon…and its a son !! LIL JIN comin soon !!! congratzz !!!
– Definitely a BRAND NEW JIN !!!!!!!
– Jin reply my tweets !!!!!! cheq it dout !!!

Another freakin awesome shows…..

Thanks u MC JIN…for the great / unforgettable show

Thanks GAM Entertainment bringing da man down here…


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