2Pac Loves Hennessy !!!!!

First of all, i knew Hennessy bcoz of 2Pac (R.I.P) & G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)…
Lots of his rap song mention about Hennessy…..
I think he loves Henny.. !!!!!!

Here the 2Pac track wit Hennessy on it !!!!!!!!!
My favourite 2Pac Hennessy song….guess what ?? the title named “Hennessy” too..

2PAC Hennessey 
They wanna know who’s my role model
It’s in a brown bottle (Yo what’s our motherfucking motto nigga?)

2PAC Scared Straight
Pac don’t give a fuck, I got too many enemies
Fucking with the ginger juice the booze of fucking Hennessy

2PAC Who Do U Believe In
And all the Hennessy and weed can’t hide, the pain I feel inside
You know, it’s like I’m livin just to die

2PAC Life Goes On 
and all I got left are stinkin’ memories
I love them niggas to death
i’m drinkin’ Hennessy
while tryin’ ta make it last
I drank a 5th for that ass

2PAC Never Had A Friend Like Me 
Just me and you evading enemies
Let you get my last shot of Hennessy
Ain’t never had a friend like me
Remember memories so vividly

2PAC Dumpin
Murderous mind state,
Can’t keep my nine straight,
Sippin’ on this Hennessy, waiting for the time to break,

2PAC Thug Passion
Now what if me
turn this Hennessy,
into a robbery
the Prophecy probably suddenly
switch and How it supposed to be?

2PAC Under Pressure 
cause when in danger those niggas change
puff weed
and stuff G’s in my sock G
call Ki’s and Hennessy where tha glock be

2PAC Thug Style 
I got my Hennessy find ya foes
in a room full of niggas tryin’ to hide ya hoes

2PAC Fuck All Y’all 
Sippin’ Hennessy hanging with the clowns and
all we used to do is drink brew, screw and common knew

2PAC Sleep 
Pictures of penny
Sippin’ my glass full of Henny
Hands on my semi
Automatic kill for pennies

2PAC Pain 
So fuck what you thought I’m drinkin’ hennessey
Runnin from my enemies will I live to be 23

2PAC How Do You Want It 
It’s either him or me — champagne, Hennessey
A favorite of my homies when we floss, on our enemies

2PAC Lastonesleft 
This Hennessey’ll keep me calm though
Sittin in the back of the club, trading convo

2PAC Until The End Of Time
And in the end drinking Hennessey made all my enemies envy me
So cold when I flow eliminating easily

2PAC Still I Rise
Meet up at the cemetery then get smoked out, pass the weed nigga
That Hennessey’ll keep me keyed nigga

2PAC Dopefiend’s Diner 
Late night coolin’ wit my homies
Drinkin’ Hennessey an’ cold brew
After smokin’ stopped in Oakland
Got the munchies for some soul food

2PAC Fuck Em All
I got glad bags with enemies
Cut up so they remember me
Soaked up in Hennessey
So they relatives know it’s me 

Go to Youtube and search for da full song…..aite !!!!!
Enjoy !!!!!!
Peace Out !!!!!


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