Music Conference Asia 2012

Crazy Plus Mess Up Conference 

Music Conference ASIA  2012

29 April 2012

Sepang Circuit
9.00pm til 2am…

Reach there around 8 sumthin…dey should start at 2pm …WTF??
Ask the crew..dey said postponed to 8.30…hahaha… luckily i went there late but still have to wait another 1 hours bcoz of d security check….enter the concert around 10 sumthin…Richard Durand ady perfoming…dang….ater dat the star Dash Berlin saved d day…..

Packed !!!!
Richard Durand

Dash Berlin & my fav shot !!!!

My fav shot !!!!

Try to get an autograph but failed… 
Dash Berlin & me !!!
bye bye

here some WTF Moments :-

WTF 1 : no speaker permits??? wow !! first time i heard this ??? weird..
WTF 2 : the show actually start at 2pm..but postponed til 9…(4 those r went early…must b crazy mad) !!!!
WTF 3 : 1 freakin hour cue….useless security check….still got dslr camera shootin around?? i wonder how dey get tru…
WTF 4 : some speaker problem…
WTF 5 : from 9 act scheduled to perform ..dey cut down to 3 and i only watched 2…dang!!!

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