Evanescence Live In Malaysia 2012

Gothic Gangsta !!!!!!

Evanescence Live In Malaysia 2012
23 Feb 2012
KL Live
8.30pm – 10pm

Won a meet n greet from JS Concert (thankss!!!!!!)
reach there around 3.30pm…
some brief by the man mr. Mohd Firhad….
wait…tic toc..tic toc…
Diz it Iz !!!! We get in then watch them perform 2 songs from the soundcheck…(KRAZY !!!)
line up…meet them then get autograph…. not only one but two item signed (KRAZY !!!)
take pic with them….

at 7.00pm….door open….get in…
Opening act by DJ (dunno who)..

at 8.30pm…the show start….
the bands performing non stop (incredible)….
Amy Lee was hot !!!!!Amy Lee playing piano was super sexy…KL Live sound system was off da hook…

The tix……
Meet n Greet !!!!!!!

Postcard autograph
Poster autograph
Im waiting…….(singin Greyson Chance song)
The tag
Opening DJ
Rawkkin on !!!!!!!!!
Screamm !!!!!!!
Hi !!! Amy !!!!!!
GGyeah !!!!!!!!!!!
Scream !!!!!!!!
Arghhhh !!!!
Amy was hot with the piano !!!!!
Finally i got a nice shot..
Sing, sing and sing..non stop..thumbs up!!!!
From piano to keyboard 

Screammm !!!!!!
I wish i can bring my DSLR cam in !!!!! Arghhhhh !
My fav fav fav shot… SHINING Amy !!
Bye bye Evanescence

here the song list :-
What You WantGoing Under
The Other Side
Weight of the World
My Last Breath
Made of Stone
Lost in Paradise
My Heart Is Broken
Swimming Home
Call Me When You’re Sober
Bring Me to Life


Your Star
My Immortal

Freakin Awesome Moment 1 : 1st time get autograph by a star (not only one item, but TWO
(poster n poscard) (thanks Kennedy for giving me one of his poster)

Freakin Awesome Moment 2 : 1st time experience souncheck session !!

Freakin Awesome Moment 3 : Handshake wit Amy Lee (OMG !!!)

Freakin Awesome Moment 4 : The sound system was off da hook

Thanks to JS Concert & Mixfm…
Rock On !!!!!!!!!  m/


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