Simple Plan Live In Malaysia 2012

Rawwkkk Plan  !!!!!

Simple Plan Get Your Hear On! Tour
14 Jan 2012
KL Live
8.30pm til 11pm

Hosted by 
Ryan & Jin (

Opening performance by local band call The Revellers, perform 3 song (Rolling The Deep (Cover) , Perjuangan & Kembali)….

Settin up the stage for Simple Plan….

Then…..rockin on  with their greatest hitz…..

here the song list :

Shut Up, Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Jump
(Snippet of ‘I Gotta Feeling’ in the middle), When I’m Gone, Addicted, My Alien, You Suck At Love, Thank You (Near the end, replaced “Thank … more), Your Love Is A Lie, Astronaut
Summer Paradise, Fuck You / Dynamite / Raise Your Glass (Medley), Jet Lag, This Song Saved My Life, Welcome To My Life, I’d Do Anything
Encore: Loser Of The Year, I’m Just A Kid
Encore 2:Perfect

– Both band (Simple Plan & The Revellers) singing Adele song in their performance….
– Simple Plan change their “Thank You”  song chorus to “Terima Kasih” version…hahaha
– A lots of free standing tix holder slip in to rockzone… (where d security)
– Pierre Bouvier shakin his ass off

Rockzone….thanks to Guinness Malaysia FB
Im waitin
Opening Performance  by The Revellers
Here comes the main act
Rawkk on…
Pierre Bouvier
Chuck Comeau (Drummer) & Sébastien Lefebvre (Guitaris) 

David Desrosiers
Simple Plan

Shake ya ass..
Scream !!!!!!

Overall, a high energetic performance by Simple Plan…
The crowd are freakin awesome..
Favourite moment,  singing along….
Very big thanks to Guinness Malaysia FB 

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