Carlsberg Where’s The Party 2011

A Brewery Party 

Carlsberg Brewery, Shah Alam
17 Dec 2011
registered..paid 20rgt get a tag…
get in bus… party rocker start briefing…
around 15 minutes….jeng jeng jeng …we arrive !!!
taaa daa….. Carlsberg Beer Factory iz da mystery place !!!!!
variety of foods like burger, hotdog, satay, ice cream, pop corn and not forget da BEER…
there a chill out zone (massage, tatoo)
they just build a mini amusement park in the brewery…. damn son!
play and hav fun like games (duck hunt, wild wild west & etc) and rides (carousel, sky rider, pirate ship, ferris wheel) til the real party start at 8.00pm…

Hosted by 
Joey G & Patricia Knudsen

Performance by
Shawn Lee
Dennis Lau
Lee An (Korea)
Paperplane Pursuit
High On Heels
DJ Sophie Sugar
DJ Hiloco (Japan)


waitin for registration

pirate ship

ferris wheel

dunno wut game iz diz… diz game cancelled 

foods street

free flow !

sky rider

beer in the makin..

concert started..


triple lights…

High On Heels 

DJ Sophie Sugar


thanks Carlsberg 4 da party…
that calls for Carlsberg..
ps : i love “lok lok” a.k.a stemboat ……


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